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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

It Does Not Matter What Deplorables Say, The Political Class Wants Trump Out Regardless Of The Evidence.

Ohio Voters Stand Behind Trump After Comey Hearing

"How many of you feel better ... ?


Trump supporters in the heartland of America are standing by their president, if one panel of voters is any guide.
Last week, CNN went to the court of public opinion to find out whether the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey had any impact on voters who supported President Donald Trump last fall.
The verdict: It didn’t.

As the segment concluded, CNN correspondent Gary Tuchman asked the group of voters from Butler County, Ohio: “How many of you feel better about Donald Trump, your president, after this hearing?” Nine out of nine participants raised their hands.
During the session at Rick’s Tavern & Grille in Fairfield, Ohio, four of the nine panelists said Comey lied, but none said Trump did.

“For those of you who did not raise your hands, if neither person lied, how can that be possible? They tell different things. Who didn’t raise their hand? Why do you think if nobody lied, how can that have happened?” Tuchman asked.
“Well, first of all, things can be distorted and appeared like lies, and I think maybe the media might have distorted some things,” one woman replied.
“He’s been manipulated by the Clintons, too,” a man responded.
One man said Comey’s testimony failed the common sense test.

“I believe he didn’t adequately explain why couldn’t just tell Trump that this is inappropriate, or tell the chief of staff or DOJ to tell Trump. He continued on with that and he couldn’t adequately explain that. Its like — you know, I feel the whole thing was wrapped around this one,” he said, referring to Comey’s testimony.
Tuchman asked the panelists whether it would have been wrong if Trump fired Comey because of the various Russia-related investigations underway.
“I don’t have a problem with that. First of all, Mr. Trump represents the United States of America. President Trump is our president and he sets a standard for everything. And when he asked — ,” a woman began.
“But let me just say he had commented many times according to the testimony that he liked the job that Mr. Comey was doing, then all of the sudden he’s fired him because he doesn’t like –,” Tuchman said.
“Well, I think he tried to be uplifting and encouraging to … ’employees,'” the woman responded. “But also he set Mr. Comey several opportunities to be forthright and honest with him, forthcoming with some answers that Mr. Comey kind of dropped the ball on that,” she added.
What do you think?